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Services, UkrNIIVE institute provides:

High voltage electrical equipment

We provide the following services:

  • development of switches, contactors, reversing gears, complete splitting devices for the voltage 6 kV for the needs of mining for , iron-ore and other fields of industry;
  • testing as per requirements of GOSTs and technical specifications in the full measure for contactors, switches, reversers, complete splitting devices with voltage of 6 kV;
  • development, diagnostic and repair of electrical equipment with overall voltage of 6 kV, and also control and protection units, including:
    - tiristor drive control unit of vacuum and electromagnetic switches VEV-6, VVR and VVPL;
    - spark protected remote control schemas;
    - preliminary insulation control schemas in outgoing lines 6 kV in the period between switch off and consequent switch on of commutation device 6 kV;
    - maximum current protection of direct influence, including de-bridging;
    - overload protection with inverse dependant current-time characteristics for explosion protected and mine consumers with voltage of 6 kV;
    - single time APV after 6 kV voltage restoration, if power supply interruption time have not exceeded 3 minutes;
    - non-linear overvoltage stops (diagnostics only) for 6kV;
    - protection to single-phase ground short circuits (leaks) for networks of 6kV with insulated neutral;
    - electrical safety stops, providing partial selectivity.
Transformers and complete transformer plants

Tens of thousands of explosion protected transformers and transformer plants produced by Donetsk UkrNIIVE factory are in use on mines and delfts of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries.

For investors, businessmen, specialists, who use transformer equipment we propose the following:

  • Development and manufacture of dry transformers and transformer plants in explosion protected execution with power up to 2500 kW·А, voltage of second side up to 3 kV for coal, oil, chemical, mining and other fields of industry with difficult electronic equipment usage conditions;
  • Transformers and transformer plants tests with issue of correspondent testing protocols;
  • Upgrading of outdated transformer plants (TSSHVP and TSVP series) which are currently in use
  • Guarantee average and major repairs of mining explosion protected transformers and transformer plants with power from 100 up to 1000 kV·А;
  • Independent examination of transformer equipment currently in use in the part of estimation of its technical condition and possibility of its further usage;
  • Issue of defect lists for the transformer equipment in order to determine the possibility and value of repair, issue of the conclusions concerning possibility of the equipment retirement;

UkrNIIVE carries all works on the contract conditions.

According to the agreements with the client’s urgent works execution and service provision is also possible.

Low voltage commutation apparatus for control an protection

Explosion protected starters ПВИ, ПРВИ, ПВВ, ПВР-Р for nominal currents from 32 up to 400 А, automatic switches АВ from 250 up to 500 А, complex control devices SUV-350, KUUV-350, KUUV-500/500, KUUV-BSP, KUUVK-500, KUUVM 1,2, socket connectors SVR, SNV-63, 250, 315, leakage relay AZPB, AZUR 1, 2, 3, 4, control and protection blocks and other low-voltage equipment, which is in use in mines, delfts is developed and implemented by the institute staff.

Laboratories are equipped with unique stands, which allow:

  • any equipment, safety and control devices tests to be carried out, средств protection of and control;
  • to simulate real working modes, including emergency of splitting networks with voltage up to 1200 V in any configuration.

All mentioned above allows us to propose services of development, testing and start of the production chain:

  • of explosion protected commutation control equipment with voltage up to 1200 В – starters, control stations, mini-stations, special non-standard devices;
  • commutation control and protection equipment in PH-execution – starters, automatic switches, special complex devices;
  • explosion protected and industrial devices of smooth start for electrical motors with power up to 400 kW, voltage up to 1200 V, working in difficult operation conditions; tape conveyors, smoke exhausts;
  • current ground leakage protection devices for networks with voltage of 36/42, 127/220, 380/660, 660/1140 V, embedded in electrical equipment and produced separately;
  • emergency network working mode and overload protection devices preventing short circuits, overloads, overheating;
  • devices for preliminary control of splitting networks insulation;
  • protection systems of combined splitting networks, containing semiconductor frequency transformers;
  • remote controls, alarms, command devices and commutation apparatus for chemical, gas, oil and other adjoining fields of industry;
  • crane electrical equipment to control explosion protected beam-cranes;
  • stands for check of protection blocks, controls, leakage relays etc.
Electrical machines

The accumulated experience, high qualification of specialists, wide production potential allows developing, putting into production and manufacture any new highly effective electrical motors with improved technical characteristics.

Electrical device testing laboratories are equipped with modern testing stands and have the possibility to:

  • carry out tests of electrical devices with any power and any purpose according to the requirements and methodic described in GOSTs or according to the technical conditions and programs proposed by the client;
  • perform upgrade of outdated electrical motors;
  • independent examination of electrical motors currently in use in the part of estimation of its technical condition and possibility of its further usage;
  • Issue of defect lists for the electrical motors in order to determine the possibility and value of repair with issue of the conclusions for the possibility of the equipment retirement.
Electrical drives control systems

We propose to perform complex manufacture examination on the contract conditions together with energy and technology departments in order to develop technical and economic assessment and recommendations concerning upgrade of the manufacture with highly effective frequency controlled electrical drives, to develop typical electrical drive schemas connected to the certain manufacturing conditions with posterior help provision in the part of contracts conclusion and supply of frequency controlled electrical drives either for explosion hazardous manufactures or in ordinary industrial execution.

After supply of electrical drives we are able to perform contract supervision and calibration works and also perform service for the equipment.

Furthermore, we are able to:

  • perform recommendation development works concerning substitution of foreign electrical equipment which is outdated or had exhausted its resource;
  • produce works concerning development of repair documentation either for native or foreign electrical equipment, and provision of technical help during its repair;
  • perform supplies of special electrical equipment types as per you technical demands:
    - regulated electrical drive for conveyor lines with asynchronous electrical motors with short circuit rotor with power up to 259 kW,
    - start regulating devices for lighting networks (external and internal) for currents 50 and 100 А,
    - capacitor installations for currents 6 or 10 kW with automatic step-by-step control for power from 300 to 4000 kVАр, capacitor installations for currents 0,38 kW with power up to 600 kVАр with automatic step-by-step control.

If it is necessary we are ready to send you additional information on your request.

Testing Certification Center of Explosion protected Electrical Equipment (TCCExEE)

TCCExEE has accreditation of Rostehregulirovanie in the GOST R system for the right to perform certification tests explosion protected and mining electrical equipment as technically competent and independent laboratory and by Gospotrebstandart of Ukraine in the UkrSEPRO system as a certification authority and technically competent and independent laboratory.

Results of TCCExEE certification tests are used by supervising authorities of Russia (Rostehnadzor) and Ukraine (Gosgorpromnadzor) for issue of approval documents for uage of explosion protected electrical equipment, and by certification authorities of these countries for issue of certificates of conformity GOST R and UkrSEPRO.

Science-technical potential of TCCExEE allows to provide services inventively, in short terms and with high quality.
You can obtain more detailed information on the official site of TCCExEE –

Main page : : Services
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